Office of Ambassadors and Volunteers

We are certain that We are the Voice can reinstate the power of community engagement that we have lost touch with over the years and allow people to address the division, political trauma, and distrust we exhibit towards our nation and ourselves

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Aaron Chorbor

Head Director

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Our Values

Represent the change we hope to witness in the world. Live by thy word and honor thy voice

Create a sense of community, regardless of neighborhood level or as a global society

Building strong communities through collaboration to provide a basis for positive change

Encouraging responsible citizen participation to help foster social solidarity

Promoting the social, economic and political empowerment of all individuals and communities to preserve Human Rights moral principles

Developing women leadership to build upon the needs and values of people and to inspire the hope and potential of others

Respecting the diversity of life to maintain a sustainable human and physical environment

To bridge the gap between social media activism and traditional activism and the secondary mission of uniting and amplifying the voices of the youth in politics.


Our goal is to unite the people with a common vision that will contribute to the progression of the world through the recognition of the power of our voices.


® 2020 We Are The Voice


® 2020 We Are The Voice