vox populi

Create an atmosphere of radiant conversations and impactful actions of change on all campuses and communities. It is to also represent the mission of We Are the Voice International directed to global youth development.

The Social Program
Represents We are the Voice at Virtual / In person Events and Programs Host Shows and Programs that aligns to the mission of Vox Populi (Host small groups on campus) Advertise & collaborate change-drive societies.

Advocacy Program
We Are the Voice Prison Reform Representatives at local events and university programs. Why the world must move on from the normalized cruel methods of punishment to reformative methods. We Are the Voice Evolution of Gender Equality and Equity: Host Conferences & small groups on campus. Why the world must “update” what gender equality and equity is now.

The Vox Populi Leadership Exchange Program
#WeSpeakWeStandWeAct International leadership Program will consist of 10 Young Change agents from different universities around the world. The program will drive young leaders to become a global solution to the problems they will choose to address. This program will create an atmosphere of collaboration, creative thinking and advocacy.

To bridge the gap between social media activism and traditional activism and the secondary mission of uniting and amplifying the voices of the youth in politics.


Our goal is to unite the people with a common vision that will contribute to the progression of the world through the recognition of the power of our voices.


® 2020 We Are The Voice


® 2020 We Are The Voice