Bringing forth the grey

area to life

Our mission is to bridge the gap between social media activism and traditional activism. This means we are bringing forth the grey area to life. We need a common ground that we can all freely express ourselves without brutal societal consequences; understanding that opinions matter so far as they do not infringe on another’s rights or freedom to express themselves as well

We want our generational activists and leaders to feel heard and understood on any platform they choose to be bold and represent the people they stand for. Because of our heavy dependence on social media activism, we have continued to uphold a hashtag or retweet as our freedom rider believing that this discovery alone would free us and those we stand for. We are bolder, louder and more unapologetic for our voice via social media. However, traditional activism impact has been greatly reduced, therefore, it is difficult for our generational leaders to express themselves with the same confidence and boldness they carry in the name of change. That is why We Are the Voice- Activism is here. To aid activists and leaders to be able to freely carry their voice from one platform to another without fear or lack of certain attributes that contribute to their voice because of unfamiliarity.

We are bolder, louder and more unapologetic
for our voice via social media.

We Are the Voice-Activism has been established by our main event: The We Are the Voice Annual Symposium. This symposium is unique in many ways. Most importantly, what we do is pull the topics from social media knowing that this has already been discussed by millions. By doing this, we are simultaneously prompting the people to dig deeper for ideas that will contribute to justice. We invite activists who are experts in their fields concerning the topic picked for the year as speakers. This gives us access to information and inspiration we would not be mindful of, if we do not dig deeper in the issue. Also, the reason we pick the annual topic for discussion from social media is because we know there are many potential leaders who want to be heard beyond their personal virtual platforms but do not know how to transition from one platform to another: this invites new voices to a larger platform to share their observation and solutions before all. The speakers’ main purpose is to lead us to discussion. They are to briefly explain the consequences of the injustice on us all.
We were extremely successful with the 1st annual symposium hence we will continue to carry the tradition of bridging the gap via the symposia.

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    ® 2020 We Are The Voice


    ® 2020 We Are The Voice