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Politics, if defined truly, is the way of governing & progressing a country while encouraging the people to exercise their rights and freedom. Judging from the lens of the future leaders, it is impossible to contribute to the progress of our nation due to decades of divisive views and societal-political barriers. We acknowledge that this hinders the youth’s ability to identify their voices as a benefactor to our nation’s growth. Our goal is to use our platform as a foundation to unite and amplify the voices of the youth in politics respectively.

We Are the Voice-Politics gives young leaders in Africa and abroad interested in politics a safe and strong platform for them to freely exercise their political freedoms and rights. We want to influence the future leaders of tomorrow; helping them break free from political trauma that disputes their rights to use their voice to help shape their sovereign nations. We offer this platform in accordance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). We recognize that most African Nations have signed and ratified the ICCPR, however we still witness the fear of the people to call out corrupt leaders in their sovereign country. The rhetorical question is what’s next? Will the next generational leaders continue to lead the people with the Disruptive ideologies and governing with a zero-sum power attitude? When does the silence and the struggle end?

What’s next? When does the silence and the
struggle end?

There are many young leaders who want to be part of the progress of their nation but are blocked by societal-political barriers and unaddressed political trauma. Moreover, the inability to accept another’s view is the people’s biggest challenge. It is important to recognize diversity as it is. But we cannot allow that difference to be the cause of our division. There are many ways one can pursue to aid their country towards a better tomorrow, we must adjust ourselves to being flexible with our ideologies ready to be authentic listeners and speakers.

We Are the Voice-Politics also uses its platform to encourage women’s participation in politics. It is important to witness more women occupy positions that place them before the public eye. Women are really underrepresented in Africa; we want to encourage more women to become solutions they are all hoping for.


#Polticsvsmyvoice allows all people to express their views based on a political issue they witness in their nation and the change they hope to witness concerning the issue. This will show that we can be the solution to the injustice around us. We have been really successful with many participants in Africa and beyond. We will carry this tradition and build on it. We are expanding our social media presence to gain more people to participate in our weekly segments. We also plan to host monthly live segments with political and community leaders, and activists already established in power. Through this, we are normalizing young people’s ability to access leaders; overcome political trauma and bridge the gap between current and future leaders for a better tomorrow.

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    ® 2020 We Are The Voice


    ® 2020 We Are The Voice