We create a safe platform for all who seek a foundation to discuss topics regarding social injustice we witness in our everyday lives.

We are certain that We are the Voice can reinstate the power of community engagement that we have lost touch with over the years and allow people to address the division, political trauma, and distrust we exhibit towards our nation and ourselves

Statement from the President

Our Values, Mission & Vision

Meet the team

Anna Agbotse
President, We Are The Voice

Statement from the

I want to welcome you to We Are the Voice; the home of amplifying powerful voices for change. I am honored to have you all onboard. When We Are the Voice was founded I wondered how we could have all voices be heard together. I recognized the need for a safe space that identified diversity but carried the hope of unity amongst all people.

Today, we live in a world that is captivated by the injustices we witness. We have sought refuge from various platforms. Specifically, a space to accommodate the need for us to exercise our power for change. Some of which we have been successful. I understand that social media activism heavily represents our voices, but we still can’t unite under this force only. Traditional activism has done so much for us but now we live in a world that is pushing beyond in-person interactions. So what do we do now? Combine the two? Or create a way to accommodate all voices inspired by both approaches?

We have started something new. Something that will bring the world together to find solutions to issues in our society. We often underestimate the power of the people, especially when united. I am proud of the platform we have created. We are doing what the world declared impossible. Under us, we will house all voices who respect the universal declaration of human rights and we will prevail. This is why We Are the Voice is here today: to represent the light at the end of the tunnel and to shift the focus of the people's voices back to ourselves. Recognizing that we are our very own heroes and heroines.

Lastly, I say to you all, I am proud to call you all my friends and fellow change agents. Indeed, I recognize the uniqueness we carry together in our lives. You are here because you showed yourself that you are ready to support the world with the dreams we will focus to accomplish. We are the pillars the world has been waiting for. But in all things, we must remember to aspire to inspire and let the generations after us know that together We Are the Voice of change.

Our Values

Represent the change we hope to witness in the world. Live by thy word and honor thy voice

Create a sense of community, regardless of neighborhood level or as a global society

Building strong communities through collaboration to provide a basis for positive change

Encouraging responsible citizen participation to help foster social solidarity

Promoting the social, economic and political empowerment of all individuals and communities to preserve Human Rights moral principles

Developing women leadership to build upon the needs and values of people and to inspire the hope and potential of others

Respecting the diversity of life to maintain a sustainable human and physical environment

To bridge the gap between social media activism and traditional activism and the secondary mission of uniting and amplifying the voices of the youth in politics.


Our goal is to unite the people with a common vision that will contribute to the progression of the world through the recognition of the power of our voices.


Meet the team

Anna Agbotse

Anna Agbotse

Founder, President, WATVpodcast Host & WATVNEWS Editor

Anna Agbotse is a Rutgers University alumna with a BA in Public Affairs and Administration
and a minor in International Affairs. She is currently an MPA candidate at the Rutgers Graduate
School of Public Administration. She is also the Founder and President of “We are the Voice International”. She has dedicated her time traveling around the country advocating, attending, and speaking at events, galas, and conferences such as the United Nations Commission on Women Conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York, The Social Equity Leadership Conference, and Newark Community film Screening (The Oil Man) etc. She has been recognized nationally and internationally for her work. Anna is a public speaker and a political advocate focusing on women & children’s issues,
youth and politics in Ghana, and injustice towards the African American community targeting: health,
and prison reforms.
michelle Ampofo - Creative director

Michelle Oppong Ampofo

Chair, Creative Head Director & WATVNEWS Lead Editor

Michelle serves as the Chair, Creative Head Director & Lead Editor. She holds a BA in English & creative writing and a minor in human health from Emory University. She researched grief in poetry under the S.I.R.E program and was also a participant in the Decatur Book Festival and Resource Insurance Navigation Group. She was the voice-over speaker for WATVorg Production’s first documentary (Ghana youth and politics: Unheard Voices)
Erica Acheampomaa

Erica Acheampomaa

Chair, Head Media Director

Erica serves as the Chair and Head Media Director of We are the Voice. She is an award recipient for community impact award, the special recognition award from the University of North Carolina Systems; Vice-chancellor of student affairs office; a Gilman Scholarship recipient; Emerging Leader award recipient from Elizabeth City State University; and Certificate
of Appreciation award from Elizabeth City.

Isaac Opoku

Chair, Administrative Head Director

Isaac serves as the Administrative Head Director. He holds a bachelor’s in communication design with a major in advertising and Media Management from KNUST and other professional certifications. He also has an excellent track record in strategic planning with comprehensive knowledge of business management, organizational development, team building, communications, social media, event planning, research, visual designs, and project execution.
Wendy Asante

Wendy Asante

Media Director

Wendy serves as a Co Media Director. As a social agent eager to make a difference in her community, Wendy is a recipient of the Honors Living-Learning Community Scholarship at Rutgers University Newark, which prepares students to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. She plays a pivotal role with Braven, a team of professionals, who are committed to equipping low-income and/or first-generation college students with professional skills, networks, confidence, and experiences to ensure that they land strong first jobs in their fields of interest. With Braven, she creates career-accelerating and social mobility opportunities for promising underrepresented students by recruiting them at Rutgers University-Newark. She also serves as a college mentor for high school students through the Newark Public School System and helps these students navigate their high school careers and college preps.

Mabel Adu

Media Director

Mabel serves as a Media Director. She worked with the Port Authority of NY & NJ Outreach Offices on the Terminal One Redevelopment Program, which is the largest project built in the history of New Jersey. She also worked with the Port Authority’s diversity and inclusion office to help small and minority businesses to build capacity for projects. As an Honors Living-Learning Community Scholar, she is also a peer mentor for incoming freshmen, whom she assists for the first 2 semesters and helps to ease their transition from high school into a diverse, urban college environment such as Rutgers University- Newark. In addition, she is a HLLC peer mentor, Mabel works with the Newark Public Schools as a peer mentor to elementary students at Dr. E. Alma Flagg.
Henry Owusu

Henry Owusu

Creative Director (Videography Ghana)

Serves as a Creative Director for the videography department. He loves creating documentaries and has created documentaries about Ghanaian history, people, festivals. He runs his own business, Filmonga by providing videography & photography services mainly to tourists and other businesses He also works with tour companies in Ghana to help tourists enjoy their stay and have the best experience. Henry was the executive producer for WATVorg Production’s first documentary; Ghana youth and politics: Unheard Voices.
Ada Chelsea Adubasim

Ada Chelsea Adubasim

Executive Secretary & Director Of Volunteers.

Ada serves as the Executive Secretary. She is a business administration major and a recipient of the Commitment Certificate Award presented by Fire Congress Fellowship (FCF). She is a proud and committed member of Champions Royal Assembly receiving a Partnership award. She enjoys writing and helping others through volunteerism. She selflessly worked and volunteered to play with the children at West Orange Public Library during the “Spark A Reaction: Get a Charge Out of Reading Program. For her volunteerism, Ada received a certificate of appreciation by the Head of West Orange Youth Services.
Alexander Deku

Alexander Deku

Watvpodcast Executive Producer

Alexander serves as WATVPodcast Executive producer. He is awarded certificates in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety, Africa Institute of Healthcare Quality, Safety & Accreditation (AflHQSA); Public Financial Management (PFM) Act & Health Facility Regulatory Agency Act (Hefra) Ghana, Association of Health Service Administrators (AHSAG), Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for COVID-19 Virus, WHO Health Emergencies Programme; Pandemic Influenza Vaccines: National Deployment and Vaccination Plans, WHO and Poliomyelitis and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

Caleb Ayaasa Abutiate

Watvpodcast Liaison

Caleb Ayaasa Abutiate is the Director of Watvpodcast; the official podcast of We Are the Voice International. He is a UX/UI designer, a writer with focus on stage plays, performing spoken word and poems. He is also a photographer and poet. He worked with a Ghanaian lifestyle magazine called Korzandos, where he served as a columnist for the photography column. He also worked as a community service personnel and a tour guide at the Kakum Conservation Area in Ghana; educating locals, and foreigners on the importance of conservation and tourism.
Kelechi Onuoha

Kelechi Onuoha


Kelechi Onuoha serves as the Treasurer. She is a sophomore at Saint Michael’s College with a major in biology and minors in chemistry and statistics. As a recipient of the Book Award for Academic Achievement and Social Conscience, she hopes to promote social justice by serving her community. She aspires to attend medical school and use her acquired knowledge in the health field to help others. As a secretary of her class, she has great organization skills and a strong work ethic.
Nana Owusu Attakorah

Nana Owusu Attakorah

WATVpodcast Host

Nana Owusu-Attakorah (aka Kwabenagyam) is a Ghanaian- American producer, writer, presenter, and social media influencer. A product of Koforidua Technical University, Nana is passionate about the Ghanaian youth, social issues, and Pan-Africanism. He produced, co-wrote, and directed an international documentary in 2020 with WATV. Ogyam currently works at Diaspora Network Television as a producer and writer.
Abigail Anyomi

Abigail Anyomi

Director WATVpodcast

Abigail is presently the WATV Podcast Manager. She holds a BA (Hons) degree in Political Studies from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. She is passionate about politics, leadership and humanitarian acts as well as the media. Having served with Focus Fm (KNUST campus radio) and Radio Gyampa (a media group on campus). She also served as the General Secretary for Faculty of Social Sciences, KNUST, one of the largest faculties in Ghana and West Africa. Again, Abigail served as Interim Secretary with Youth Bridge Builders KNUST chapter and through that became one of the Ambassadors for the "First Time Voters' Campaign" in 2020. This, in addition to other portfolios held on campus, as well as internship in HR/Administrative affairs have come together to shape her skills in leadership, team management and people orientation. She also enjoys writing, reading and offering good counsel to others. Abigail is a rising force, ever so determined in every endeavor.
kaylee sayers

Kaylee Sayers

Creative Director of Writing

Kaylee serves as Creative Director of writing, and she is a sophomore English and Political Science double major at Saint Michael’s College. She is a firm believer in the power of conversation and hopes to be able to facilitate positive and progressive communication through her writing. She is a part of the Saint Michael’s College chapter of Her Campus where she authors articles pertaining to a wide variety of issues ranging from entertainment to politics and social justice issues.
Sherif Abban

Sheriff Abban

Administrative Assistant (Administrative Department)

Sheriff serves as the Administrative Assistant. He holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Ghana. He worked with World Vision International, where he served as a General Ledger Accountant and other Non-for-Profit organizations giving his all to contribute to the human race. He's also a business and financial markets enthusiast engaging in entrepreneurial activities and a huge involvement, trading on the Financial Markets. And embarking on a national project aimed at facilitating digitization of properties and allowing for easy navigation around the country (Ghana). Nonetheless, a strong believer of ''We Are the Voice International'' agenda.
Lily Denslow

Lilian Denslow

Creative Director

Lily Denslow serves as a Creative Director, with a specific focus on politics in the Americas. She is a current junior at Saint Michael's College studying History and International Relations. Lily currently serves her community at Saint Michael's College as the Secretary of Academics for the Student Government Association and is passionate about enfranchising student input in important discussions at her institution. She also serves as the current co-president of the Peace and Justice Club. After she finishes her undergraduate studies, Lily aspires to attend law school and to focus her legal career on public service work and international law.
Aaron Chorbor

Aaron Chorbor

Head Director of Ambassadors and Volunteers

Aaron Chorbor is the founder of Epignosis Arena a Christ charitable organization He is notable for his diverse knowledge in Marketing, Politics, Economics, Financial Accounting, Consultancy and Theology. He been recognized both nationally and internationally for his works. He enjoys connecting with people of various cultures to learn and be inspired by their stories. His goal is to nurture and amplify youth voices in their sovereign nations. To see themselves as part of the change our world needs. He has a National Higher Diploma in Marketing from Accra Technical University and currently working with Ghana Irrigation Development Authority (GIDA).
tarish bentil

Tarish Bentil

IT Liaison & Assistant Creative Director

Tarish Bentil is the IT Liaison and Assistant Creative Director. He is currently a business major with a concentration in finance at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is also an expert in introducing creative perspective to things pertaining to humanitarian, social, and economic issues.

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